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When should I apply for ITIN?

As for identification of persons, there are two different set of identification numbers in the U.S. The first one is the Social Security Number which can be obtained only if the person is a U.S citizen or a Green Card holder or holder of a visa that provides the person with a temporary residency in […]

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When should I apply for EIN?

If you are an ambitious entrepeneur and wish to expand your business to the United States, it is just the time! Forming a company in the U.S. might be a great opportunity as it is one of the largest markets the world. However, forming a company is only one of the first steps in this endavaour. […]

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What is SSN? Can I get one?

Social Security Number, known also as SSN, is a nine-digit government-issued number for U.S. citizens and permanent residents (exceptions apply). The number is issued to an individual by a federal agency, the Social Security Administration. Originally, SSN was created to track individuals for social security reasons. However, over time, it has basically become the national […]

Tax Guide 101

If you have a Delaware LLC, Corp or Non-Profit Organization, you have to file a tax return correctly and on time.  We know that US Non-Resident Tax return can be little complicated if you have no idea how to file 1040NR, 1120, 5472 and other IRS forms. You have to file even if you do not […]

Do I really need an EIN for Tax reductions?

Following the incorporation of a company, one of the first things to do is probably to obtain a federal tax ID from the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). This federal tax ID for your company, known also as EIN (Employer Identification Number). EIN is a unique, nine-digit number that is assigned to every operating business in […]

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Do I need to file a tax return?

First of all, as an individual, you might not need to file a federal income tax return if your income is below a certain amount. However, you need to file a tax return to claim a refundable tax credit or a refund for withheld income tax. You can visit IRS website and find out if […]