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Delaware and Blockchain Technology

29 July 2017
Delaware and Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is a way to clear and settle almost all types of transactions as fast and easy as possible permanently for each participant of the transaction in question.

It basically helps people or businesses transfer their assets to each other with no extra cost or delay. This technology will definitely remove the traditional costs and delays of paper transactions. You need to keep in mind almost all asset type can be “digitized”, which means this technology will eliminate the need for intermediaries.

With this new technology, the need for verification will also be eliminated since it relies on “proof” achieved by mathematical computation.

What Are the Benefits to Distributed Ledger Shares

Distributed Ledger Shares are basically shares of stock which can be recorded (and transferred) on electronic networks using blockchain technology. One of the greatest benefits to distributed ledger shares is that participants can share a common database and execute trades or governance processes as well as issuing shares.

They are all recorded within a single database. Therefore, there is no need for one database to update another.

This new technology is simply fast. Its speed and efficiency will eliminate the laborious and inefficient processes usually used by banks or law firms.

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