Delaware Company Restoration

We can help you to maintain your company, and restore your company in Delaware Agency. If you form a company and it’s not active anymore, there are some simple steps to start your company again.

Why your company is not active anymore?

After forming your company, you should follow some steps for the good standing of the company.

These steps are;

a-) Registered Agent Fee
b-) Franchise tax & annual report
c-) Dissolution


Registered Agent Service

Registered Agents can build a wall between your business and the public to protect your privacy. If you don’t live in Delaware, or you can track your post by state. Registered Agent is the main actor for your business. Delaware Agency provides a Registered Agent service including state and federal notifications. You can verify DelawareAgency by clicking here ( Under the “S” as Social Enterprises LLC ). Our fee is $ 95, and it’s flat for a lifetime. There are no surprises!

Franchise Tax & Annual Report

All Delaware Companies have to pay franchise taxes for a flat or changing rate depending on the type of entity every year. This rate can be changed of your shares on corporation companies.

LLC companies: 300 USD
Corporations: Starting from $225 USD to $200,000 USD depending on authorized shares (and annual Report fee for Non-          exempt corporations is $50)
Non-Profits:   50 USD

Dissolution & Cancellation

The cancellation term is used for LLCs. The dissolution term is used for Corporation(s). Before filing Dissolution and Cancellation, you need to review your operating agreement (by-laws for Corporations) depending on the additional requirement for it. Shareholder(s) should be agreed on dissolution and cancellation. Open balance of the franchise tax and the current year Franchise tax should be paid before filing Dissolution and Cancellation.

As Delaware Agency, we can help you to start your company or maintain your current business. For company restoration, please send us your company name by e-mail, we can evaluate your tax debts and total cost, E-mail: [email protected]