+7500 companies have been established. +5500 income tax returns have been filed. +63 companies are currently in the process of establishment.

Delaware: Right Place to Start Your Own Business

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Companies with the brightest future are usually started in Delaware. Its infrastructure, courts, and laws create an atmosphere of success and improvement.

Do you need capital? Investors usually prefer Delaware companies.

83% of total American public companies were incorporated in Delaware in 2013. According to a report by Delaware Division of Corporations, more than half of American public companies in aggregate and 65% of Fortune 500 companies chose Delaware.

69 out of 71 companies chose Delaware to be a public organization (i.e., REMAX, Twitter, AMC) in 2013.

Business Atmosphere

These reports are the importance Delaware gives to its corporate residents. Andrea Tinianow, the Director of Corporate and International Development at the Delaware Department of State, suggests more and more companies choose Delaware for their companies every day and adds what is essential in this is the flexibility Delaware provides to the owners of a company.

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