Delaware Shelf Companies For Sale

Shelf Companies

You have a great business idea, but you don’t want to waste your time with registering a new business nor dealing with all the process from the beginning? You should consider “shelf companies” in the U.S.

Doing business sometimes requires quick adaptation to changing realities and dynamics. If you don’t have time for the registration process of a new business, then the other great option is to buy a shelf company.

What is excellent about shelf companies is that you can change its name to anything of your choice, and it will have no tax delinquency!


Shelf Company in the U.S.


A ready-made shelf company is a business entity which had been registered some time ago but did not hold any assets or liabilities. The magic feature of a shelf company is the last sentences we have mentioned; or simply, its cleanliness.

We have already mentioned that you might need a shelf company as a response to fast-changing realities or if you do not want to waste your time with a new business registration process. But there is another critical aspect of a shelf company: its age! For certain business-aims, you may need a shelf company that was established some time ago (which makes it a vintage or aged company).

For example, if you want to open affiliates in different countries or want to make contracts with a demanding party, your business may be perceived with mistrust since it is a new business in the country. Regarding that, a shelf company (and the fact that it was there for a long time) may save you since it will have had its roots in this country for years.


Off-Shore Shelf Companies


Do you need to secure your assets in another country? Then, you might consider shelf companies. This will ensure your assets because now they will belong to another corporate entity. Additionally, an offshore shelf company may also save you from taxation issues.


Advantages of a Shelf Company

Regarding everything we have already mentioned above, we can list the pros of shelf companies as follows:

  1. You will have a ready-made business entity which will save your time and make you get rid of the registration process
  2. Since it will be an aged company, you will have more credibility in the eyes of your customers or contractors. You will be regarded as doing business for years in that jurisdiction.
  3. You can save your assets by using your offshore shelf company since now they will belong to another business entity.
  4. You will be able to change the name of this shell company!
  5. You will have zero tax delinquency!


How to Buy a Shelf Company


Firstly, you should decide the jurisdiction for your shelf company. For the advantageous tax features, we recommend the state of Delaware! Then, you should determine if you need a new shelf company or an aged one. The price of a shelf company is directly related to its age! The older it is, the higher is the price. Then, contact us, and we will list the shelf companies according to your needs! That simple!

If you need any of the shelf companies, please contact us!  ( or +1 302 310 2176 )