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Frequently Asked Questions
Our customers have frequently asked us some questions while we are providing services about starting business in Delaware. So, we thought it could be a nice idea to keep all those questions together in an easily accessible place. For our services or other questions, please contact us

Can a corporate own another corporate
Yes. A corporate can buy another corporate. This can be done by using the shares of the primary corporate. This is simply another advantage of owning a business in Delaware. Additionally, according to the new regulations of IRS, even S-Corporations can buy the large part of affiliate companies and control them..

Should my corporate bank account be in Delaware
No. Operating your corporate businesses from anywhere else in the world and having your corporate bank account in the most suitable place for you are among the greatest advantages of having your business in Delaware. You can get more information about starting a business in Delaware and answer of the question Why Delaware, in our other articles.
What are the advantages of starting an LLC or a corporate when it comes to attracting investor
Investors usually seek for two things: a good and fair profit, and legal approval of their investment. Stock certificates are the only way to provide the latter. It is quite unlikely for an experienced investor to invest on an abstract and non-stock-ownership project. Therefore, if you have the support of an investor or if you have an idea that will attract investors, it is a good idea to start a business in which investors can legally have shares and get profit from it.
What are the advantages of starting a company via Delawareagency.com
Our services are based on experience and mutual trust. We guarantee we will take action for your transactions as fast as possible. If guarantee you will get a document next day, that means you will get your document definitely next day. Additionally, you have chance to contact us or get a personal assistance whenever you need.
What is Delaware Corporation
Delaware Corporate is a business type established within the scope Delaware Corporate Law. Pro-business law system in Delaware has been accepted as the best one by the US Law Reform Commission for the last 11 years. That is basically why Delaware is one of the most popular places to start businesses in the world.
What is Registered Agent
Each business in Delaware is required to have a registered agent located in Delaware. This is an obligatory regulation. Registered agent is accepted as the original founder and also the one operating the company. Legal requirements and putting decisions into practice (e.g. share sales) are among the responsibilities of the registered agent. You can contact us for this requirement.
Which suffixes are not available for LLCs
Your LLC can not include the terms Bank, University or College in its name