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How to Get a Tax ID for a Non-US Person?

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How to Get a Tax ID for a Non-US Person?

The first thing after starting an LLC in Delaware and getting a ‘Certificate of Formation’ is to apply for a Federal Tax ID Number. It is also known as Employer Identification Number (or EIN) and obtained from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A form called ‘SS-4 Form’ should be filled and submitted to the IRS to get this number. There will be some necessary questions to answer in SS-4 Form to get this number. Some information required in this form is as follows:

The Name of Your LLC:

The full company name submitted to the Delaware Division of Corporations should be provided (with an LLC. in the end).

The IRS needs to know who to contact when necessary. This person can be living in anywhere in the world. This person is usually a member of the company’s board, a manager, a lawyer or a tax consultant.

Mailing Address of Your LLC:

A mailing address all related notifications (including tax notifications) will be sent to. This address is not necessarily in the US.

Primary Country/State of Operation:

The principal place your business will operate in can be anywhere in the world.

Name and Social Security Number of the Company Executive:

As previously stated, the managers of a business, as well as the company itself, is not obliged to be located in the US. So, the company executive does not require to have a Social Security Number. Although, if the company executive holds a Social Security Number, they are required to submit it.

Taxation Type:

This step is crucial, and it can cause tax problems for an LLC if not carefully dealt with. Your LLC is classified as a ‘partnership’ if multiple partners own it. If it has a single owner, it is classified as a ‘sole proprietorship’ for taxation. When the federal taxation period arrives, both types of companies will fill out the same tax form; however, the imposition will be different.

Starting Date:

Here you need to submit the date your business starts operating or the year you take over the company.

The Month Your Accounting Period Ends:

Unless otherwise advised by tax advisors, this month is usually December.

Maximum Amount of Employees Expected:

This data can be updated anytime as the expected number may depend on conditions. What is important is to choose the option with an approximate number. There are 12 different LLC types in the form, so you need to select the appropriate one. If there is no suitable option for you, you can choose ‘other.’

Job Description:

You need to provide the IRS with as much information as you can about the function of your business. You primarily need to choose the appropriate LLC option among 12 other categories. E.g., If you select the ‘construction’ option, you need to explain what kind of construction job you will be carrying out. If you choose ‘other,’ you may be expected to make a more detailed explanation.

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