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How to Incorporate an LLC in Delaware?

Forming an LLC in the State of Delaware is almost as easy as starting an account on social media. Sure, you do have to go through some procedures; but it is quite simple to do.

The first step is to choose a company name that must be unique. Then, this name is to be registered at Delaware Division of Corporations. You should check if the name you have chosen is unique and untaken and reserve it until you form your business.

The second step is to fill the required application form provided by the Delaware Division of Corporations.

Then, you need to write a cover letter for your application which will provide the adjudicator with the necessary business summary for your enterprise.

Lastly, you need to prepare an Operating Agreement in which you describe the rules and procedures regarding the administration of the company. You can amend this document any time you want. Therefore, at the initial stage you can use a sample; however, it would be smart to think about the rules and procedures in detail at first.

You can contact us to help you with all these procedures and preparation of an Operating Agreement for the best interest of you and your business. You can also ask for an expedited process as an extra service to finalize your incorporation, even in a day.