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What To Do If You Need To Prove You Own A Company in Delaware?

What To Do If You Need To Prove You Own A Company in Delaware?

What To Do If You Need To Prove You Own A Company in Delaware?

The most famous company type in Delaware is “Limited Liability Company” (LLC) since it provides legal protection for the owners and flexibility in management.

When you start an LLC in Delaware, your information is kept confidential, and you don’t have to state who started the business. Accordingly, you don’t have to give information about the other members. This means already-powerful Delaware corporate law system provides you with extra legal protection. However, this may sometimes make problems. Especially, when you need to state who the owner of this company is.

You can read our other articles about how to start an LLC in Delaware. An “Operating  Agreement” which includes the regulations about the authority, shares, and liabilities of the members is prepared after you start an LLC in Delaware. This is not an obligatory step, but it is recommended since it may help you with further problems. All members should sign this agreement. So, you can use this agreement if you need to prove you are a member/owner of this company.

Accordingly, there should be a membership certificate for each member of the company. You can also provide this certificate when needed. This certificate usually states the shares, number of stock shares and the liabilities of a member.

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