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Non-Resident Alien Taxation

tax return papers
tax return papers

Non-Resident Alien Taxation

For non-U.S. resident business owners and partners who in fact run a business in the U.S., taxation might raise as a major question. Since taxation is one of many indicators whether the investment in the U.S. is worthwhile, it is essential to understand how the U.S. taxation system approaches non-resident aliens. It is again worth noting that particularities, such as taxation, would definitely affect your existing or would-be investments whether in the amount or development.

The point is that if a non-U.S. resident meets certain criteria, such a person might be liable for certain taxation obligations. Filing tax returns, specifically Form 1040NR, is one of the foremost of such obligations. Please find Form 1040NR here.


– A non-U.S. resident alien engaged in a trade or business in the U.S. during the year.

– A non-U.S. resident alien who has generated income generated within the U.S in certain circumstances.

What Income?

Income that is subject to tax could be categorized into two:

– Income that is result of a trade or business in the U.S.  

– Any U.S.-sourced income that is considered FDAP. Please contact us if you have further questions on FDAP.

Benefits of Filing

– Necessary to claim a refund of over withheld or overpaid tax,

– Necessary claim the benefit of any deductions or credits.

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