Open a US Bank Account Online

Open a US Bank Account Online
If you formed a company in the US, and need to get international payments, you need a US-based bank account. Delaware Agency can help you in both ways to get US bank Account.
US international bank card

As a Non-US resident, opening a bank account might be complicated, or you need to provide more than you think to open a bank account. As, we can help you to open a bank account without traveling to the US.
What are the requirements to open a US business bank account for non-us residents?

  • The authorized certificate of incorporation (or the operating agreement for the LLCs)
  • Federal tax ID number (a.k.a. EIN)
  • Physical Address in the US ( to deliver your monthly statements and bank letters.)
  • A valid ID of the company owners or members
  • We might need more additional documents in terms of application.
The Application Process
We encourage you to submit your pre-application as soon as possible shown below. Our team will contact you in 48 hours.
Approval Process
After we approve your process, you will get an e-mail from our team and your bank account will be opened in 5 business days. We deliver your bank information with e-mail delivery and we will wait for the debit card.
Delivery Process
When we receive your debit card, it takes several days to deliver your country. We work with UPS and provide you a tracking number.

Do you also offer personel assistance while my travel in the US?

Yes, We offer also personal help with your physical presence in the bank. We arrange all of your bank meetings and your paperwork before your visit to the bank. We locate in Delaware and we arrange all meetings with Delaware branches of the banks. We can not guarantee your works with other states.

Is it a business bank account that you offer in your packages?

Yes. We only help you to open a business bank accounts, Unfortunately, we can not open personal bank accounts.

What is the content of bank account package?

  • Online banking solutions and login information
  • Debit card/s
  • Checkbooks (Will take up to 3 weeks,)
  • Checking or Saving account ( upon request)

Can you send the bank account package to my residence address in my country?

We ship all documents with UPS Express Shipping. Mostly you will get all documents 2 to 5 business days.

Will I be able to connect that bank account so Stripe? Paypal

Yes, you can use all merchant applications.