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If you formed a company in the US and you need a bank account, you can open an online bank account with delawareagenc.com

Read this article how to open our bank account as a non-us resident.

What you should know before opening an account with us!

  • What are requirements to open a US business bank account for non-us residents?
    a-) The authorized certificate of incorporation (or the operating agreement for the LLCs),
    b-) Federal tax ID number (a.k.a. EIN)
    c-) Physical Address in the US ( to deliver your monthly statements and bank letters.)
    d-) A valid ID of the company owners or members.
  • Is it a business bank account that you offer in your packages?
    Yes. We only open business bank accounts, Unfortunately, we can not open personal bank accounts.
  • What is the content of bank account package?
    a-) Online banking solutions and login information
    b-) Debit card/s
    c-) Checkbooks
    d-) Checking or Saving account ( upon request)
  • Can you send the bank account package to my residence address in my country?
    We ship all documents with UPS Express Shipping. Mostly you will get all documents 2 to 5 business days.

  • How many days it will take?
    If your all documents are ready, It will take 2 following business days. If you get all in the pack, it will take 7 to 10 business days.

  • Will you be of support after the bank account opening ? for example to renew the debit card or to obtain a new checkbook?
    Yes, We do support. However, you can also do all these stuff online or calling your bank. Whenever you need help with maintaining your company, bank account or taxation, just send us an e-mail!

  • In which state do you open the business bank account?
    We only work in Delaware, However, the banks have branches all over the US!

  • Will I be able to connect that bank account so Stripe? Paypal?
    Yes, you can use all merchant applications.