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Opening a Restaurant in the U.S.

Opening a Restaurant in the U.S.

No matter where you open your restaurant in the U.S., you need to collect some licenses and permits. Some grants and licenses depend on the state you are planning to open your restaurant. You may also need extra licenses for bars or fast-food chains. If you are starting a whole new restaurant, then the amount of these licenses may increase.

EIN – Employer Identification Number

A restaurant business usually requires a significant number of employees. To operate legally, you need an EIN. EIN is necessary for IRS to identify your business along with the government. It is also required for authorities to collect taxes from your company, partners or employees. You can apply for an EIN via fax or online. The process usually takes 1-5 weeks.

Operating License

Just like other businesses, restaurants also need an operating license. The state gives operating licenses and allow the business to operate within the certain field of activities. If you are conducting activities such as alcohol sale or meat/vegetable carrying, you need federal operating licenses.

Food Handler’s Certificate

One of the necessary permits for restaurants is the food handler’s certificate. This certificate shows that the owner and the employees of the restaurant have completed their education/ training on food safety, preparation, etc. To get this certificate, health authorities usually check your restaurant.

Alcohol License

If you are planning to serve alcohol beverage in your restaurant, you need to get an alcohol license. To sell alcohol legally, you need to get an alcohol license provided by the state. Depending on where you live, you may also need to collect local or city permits. There are different alcohol licenses for different purposes. For example; you can serve beer and wine with beer and wine license, but you cannot serve large drinks. However, if you hold a D-Class License, you can help any alcohol. License fees depend on the state. Your local alcohol commission will lead you to correct authorities.

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