Company Formation – Premium



Company Formation Premium Package

– One-time Payment
– ⁠Includes Basic Package Features
– Apostilled Certificate of Company Formation
– ⁠Internal Company Documents
– Single or Multi-Member Company Setup
– ⁠ITIN Number
– SIM Card
• ⁠Delivery of U.S. Bank Account and Debit Card to Your Address
* One Fiscal Year Accounting
* ⁠Basic Tax Consultancy
* ⁠Federal Income Tax Return
* ⁠Form 5472⁠
• ⁠State Franchise Tax or Annual Report Filing
• ⁠⁠Transaction Monitoring for a Single Bank Account
* International Contractor Payment
• ⁠Applicable for LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships
• ⁠Whatsapp Group Consultancy
• ⁠⁠Zoom Meetings (Up to 6 sessions per year)
• ⁠⁠Ideal for companies with an annual revenue up to $250,000