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Small Businesses and Start-up Companies: Why You Should Choose Delaware?

This part was created to guide small businesses and start-up companies in the US.

Why Delaware?

Do you want to set-up and register a new business entity in Delaware? This is the right place for you. Here are some of the most important reasons why more than 1,000,000 companies have incorporated in Delaware:


The Delaware Division of Corporations pays excellent attention to the privacy of the members/owners of business entities in Delaware.

A Tax Heaven

Delaware can be regarded as tax heaven. It imposes no Corporate Income Tax for companies running outside the state and for companies activities of which in Delaware are limited to incorporeal investments. There is also no Sales Tax!

Director Shield Law

This law helps business entities in Delaware protect their directors from individual liability.

Delaware Court of Chancery

Delaware Court of Chancery is a worldwide respected and unique institution. It has developed a vast body of case law for more than a century. This single source helps business entities avoid legal cases.

Business Friendly Legislation

Delaware is a perfect place with the flexibility it provides to the business entities in operating their activities. Business-friendly laws in Delaware let entrepreneurs increase their capital. This is mainly because it is something, in return, the state also benefits from.

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