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Internet Sales & Tax

The Internet has been a productive environment for many entrepreneurs. Naturally, this raises the question of whether how to tax the businesses operating on the Internet. Some U.S. states have already enacted relevant legislation to regulate the sales occurred online; however, Delaware is yet to be one of such states. Further, there are no specific […]

Corporate Income Tax

State Corporate Income Tax is one of the central taxes collected from the business by the State of Delaware. In principle, every domestic or foreign corporation doing business in Delaware, saving certain exemptions under the law, is liable to file a tax return irrespective of the amount of income earned. Taxpayers are required to register […]

Gross Receipts Tax

Gross Receipts Tax is a tax imposed on businesses on their total gross revenues, irrespective of their source. This tax is levied on the seller of goods or services, instead of the consumer. As a result, business owners are the ones liable to pay this tax, not the customers. If you engage in business in […]

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Non-Resident Alien Taxation

Non-Resident Alien Taxation For non-U.S. resident business owners and partners who in fact run a business in the U.S., taxation might raise as a major question. Since taxation is one of many indicators whether the investment in the U.S. is worthwhile, it is essential to understand how the U.S. taxation system approaches non-resident aliens. It […]

FORM 5472

FORM 5472 If your U.S. corporation is owned significantly by non-U.S. persons and also involves with foreign related parties, you would want to miss file Form 5472. Although not an actual tax return, Form 5472 is an informational form to be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) annually for the U.S. companies with foregoing […]