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This content under the title “terms of use & conditions” refers to the terms and conditions of services provided by Social Enterprises Inc. (SEI) and on delawaresirket.com website including your use of these services. By using this website, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. If you do NOT agree to the terms and conditions, please stop using services on this website.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the website. By using this website or clicking the parts where acceptance of these terms and conditions is required, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions here and the information provided in Privacy Policy section. The services on this website are only provided for individuals aged 18 and older. By using this website or the services provided in this website, you agree that you are legally an adult and declare you meet the conditions for the binding agreements you sign with SEI. If you do not meet these conditions, you should stop using services on this website.


SEI and delawaresirket.com only provide useful and general information about filling out forms, as well as official and legal actions. SEI is not a law firm and cannot provide you with any legal consultancy, advice or suggestion. SEI and its members, executives and sales representatives cannot act as your lawyers; thus, there cannot be an attorney-client relationship between SEI and you. Therefore, the communication between you and SEI is NOT subject to client confidentiality. This website should not be taken as a legal advice service. Users need to contact lawyers and legal advisers for such legal consultancy services. SEI provides application process services and you are only responsible for your inferences, instructions, orders and actions.


SEI is an organization fully committed to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our services, please contact us via phone (+1 302 526 4800) or email (info@enterprises.social). An expert from our team will deal with your problem and solve it or provide refund after evaluating your problem. Your refund will be provided via the same method you made your payment and SEI will refund the total amount it accepted for itself; however, expenses and payments made to a US governmental organization as a result of your orders and services you used (out-of-pocket fees) will not be refunded. All documents you collected and SEI provided you with should be returned for refund. Following that, refund will take place in 7 workdays. For this satisfaction guarantee, you need to apply for a refund within 30 days following your purchase. There is a service fee (%5) for all refunded services.


We reserve our rights to remove or change this website and the information on it with no obligatory notice. We have no responsibility for the cases in which this website is partly or wholly inaccessible. We have right to block access to this website partly or wholly. Responsibility belongs to the user for the following factors:

  • Making all necessary adjustments for access to this website
  • Ensuring each person accessing this website over your internet connection is informed about these terms and conditions and deemed to have accepted them.

You need to make sure all the information you provide for the interactive parts on this website is correct and valid. Necessary information is provided under the section Privacy Policy.


All content, features, functions (including information, software, article, illustration, image, vide and sounds but not limited to them), belong to the organization (SEI), license provider or other providers; and are protected by the law of intellectual property rights and other international intellectual property, copyright, patent and confidential business information laws including those of the USA.

These terms of use and conditions allow you to use this website only for personal use. You do not have right to restructure, distribute, change, create derivative works, publish, download, keep, transmit or show publicly except for the situations below:

  • Your computer may temporarily and automatically keeps some material on its RAM and show it.
  • Your browser may automatically cache it for image enhancement purposes.
  • You can print or download a reasonable part of the pages of this website for your non-commercial use without copying or publishing it.
  • If social media sharing feature is provided for some contents, you can use these features in such cases.


  • Create a modified copy of any material on this website.
  • Use an image or sound file without the article they were published with.

No material provided on this website can be used for commercial purposes.

If you want to use the material provided on this website for a purpose other than those stated here, you can contact us via info@enterprises.social.

All actions other than those stated here are accepted as violation of copyright and intellectual property right and can cause legal sanction. All materials you downloaded, changed, or printed can be asked to be removed by the organization.


Social Enterprises Inc., SEI, delawaresirket.com and logos, names, products, service names, designs and slogans related to them are trademarks belonging to Social Enterprises Inc.; and all the other trademarks on this website belong to their own owners. None of them can be copied, downloaded or used without permission.


SIE values your opinions and takes your comments into consideration about the services provided by the organization; including the information on delawaresirket.com and the management of social media pages or blogs. However, SEI does not accept and apply offers, suggestions or opinion unless specifically reported. The reason behind this is because we want to avoid conflicts that may potentially be caused by the clashes between an original opinion suggested by a user and our future materials or services. Thus, we want to state that your opinions are taken into consideration and valued; however, you should not deliver original content.


The content on this website is only provided for general information purposes. We do not guarantee its validity, credibility or coherence. The decision about its credibility is under the initiative of the user.


There may be changes in the content on this website from time to time; yet, that does not mean the content is always valid and up-to-date. We do not have the obligation to update the content all the time. Yet, we need to state we are doing our best to provide correct information.


Our main page can be referred to as long as it is fair and legal and does not besmirch our organization’s reputation; however, cannot be related to our organization without a written permission by our organization.

The website can provide some social media features in such cases:

  • Showing this website or a part of it on your website or a third-party website.

You can only use this feature in the way it is provided. On the other hand, you SHOULD NOT:

  • Show this website or a part of it through framing, deep linking or in-line linking
  • Provide connection to pages other than the main page
  • Use the materials and content on this website in a way that contrasts with the ways stated in these terms and conditions.

We reserve our right to block linking and social media features partly or wholly with no notice and at any time.


If there is a link to a third party website or a source, this is only for your ease of use. These links may cover contents with ads. We do not have control over the websites we provide link to. Accordingly, we do not take responsibility for problems caused by those websites.


It is not possible to guarantee that files downloaded from this website or other online websites do not include viruses or malwares. Therefore, users are expected to protect themselves by using antiviruses and take precautions against data loss that may happen during the connection between website and data input/output. We do not take responsibility for situations in which your computer or other electronic properties are affected by viruses from the files downloaded from this website or the links provided in this website, because of denial of service attacks.

All actions about the use and content of this website and the use of the features provided on this website are under your own responsibility. All services and contents on this website are obtained “as they are” and “as appropriate” without any warranty cover. Neither the organization itself nor a member of the organization is authorized to give guarantee about the security, credibility, coherence, quality, validity, or accessibility of this website. Neither the organization itself nor a member of the organization is authorized to give guarantee about coherence, accuracy and ceaselessness of the factors collected from this website including the content and services in this website. It is also not guaranteed that the mistakes on this website have to be corrected and this website includes no viruses or the information on this website will meet your demands and needs.

Hereby, the organization disclaims the existence of any stated or implied guarantee (including merchantability, infringement, and fitness for a particular purpose but not limited to them).

This condition does not cover cases that cannot be disregarded within appropriate legal situations.


Under no circumstances will the organization, organization employees, owners, executives, license owners, service providers have responsibilities, within any legal theory, about your use or inability to use of this website, linked addresses or materials obtained from this website.

This condition does not cover cases that cannot be disregarded within appropriate legal situations.


If a right of litigation originates from this website or the terms and conditions here you need to do it within 1 year following the damage; otherwise the damage will no longer be subject to litigation.


You assure you will defend the organization, its relations, license owners, and service providers, employees and executives against any harm in case of any pretension, damage, judgment, reward, loss, expense or payment (including lawyer expenses) caused by your violation of these terms and conditions.


SEI reserves its right to make changes, additions and content removals in these terms of use and conditions, including the services on this website. These actions are taken after a notice on the website or their declaration via email (if you are included in email database). By continuing to use this website after these changes happen, it is assumed you have accepted the additions and removals.


Those terms and conditions can be used, eliminated or limited by or in a court in case of legal necessities when needed.


This is a fully qualified and comprehensive agreement made between you and Social Enterprises Inc. This agreement is above all the other legal agreements (written or verbal).