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U.S. Mobile Phone Number

U.S. Mobile Phone Number

U.S. Mobile Phone Number

You can use your U.S. mobile phone number both individually and for your legal business. T-Mobile provides this service. All taxes and fees are included. You only get your card and take advantage of unlimited texting and internet service within more than 140 countries. And you will only be charged $0.20 for your calls outside the U.S.

Advantages of your phone line

Unlimited Multimedia
You can listen to your favorite music or watch videos thanks to your unlimited data. Do not miss anything in life!

Turn Your Phone into A Hotspot
Use your internet from other devices with no extra fee! Keep your devices online!

Unlimited Data
You can watch your favorite movies, listen to your favorite music or watch videos anytime you want.

Stay Connected Abroad
You can also keep making calls, texting or connecting to the internet even when you are outside the U.S. You are free to use the services within more than 140 countries.

Free In-Flight Texting and Internet
Within flights in which Gogo service is activated, you have unlimited texting and 1 hour of internet right.

How do I know in which countries I have free data?

Your free data and texting right is also available within more than 140 countries. For example, you can see you have this right in Turkey by looking at the picture down below. If your data use exceeds 32GB in a month, your internet will be slowed down.


The annual cost of this service is $1500. The payment plan is presented to you monthly or yearly.

Batch payment: $1300
Monthly payment: 100 monthly payment in addition to the one-off registration fee of 300$

You can choose one of our services to start your business in the US, and you can you can contact us for further information and questions.
If you have pre-sales questions, Call us + 1 302 310 21 76 ( You can also text on WhatsApp!)



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