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What is a Delaware Corporation

Delaware corporation

Delaware corporation

What is a Delaware Corporation?

If you want to expand your business or start up a new business idea in the United States, the State of Delaware is the best option for doing so.

A Delaware Corporation allows you to raise capital investment for your business via stocks, upon which you have full control; unlike most states in the U.S. and countries worldwide.

There are several types of business entities that one can establish in the State of Delaware; however, corporations are unique to the extent that they give a higher chance for investment in your business.

What are its advantages?

Legal Protection

A corporation is considered separate from its owners; who are the shareholders of that company. That means a corporation is a separate legal entity that is protected against its shareholders’ personal legal life and vice versa. The shareholders of a corporation are held responsible only to the extent of their respective shares in the company, including the profits and losses.

Investment Opportunities

Commonly, start-ups prefer to be formed as corporations to raise capital investment to grow the business as soon as possible. However, many different types of existing business entities change their status to a corporation in time, again to expand the volume of capital for the company.

Delaware is accepted as one of the most reliable places in the world to invest your money since the corporate law structure of the state is business-friendly and very experienced in the field. Hence, despite business-related risks, lawfully everything is way more secure than it could have been in another U.S. state or country. This is why most investors prefer to invest their money in Delaware Corporations while making a choice. Also, more than 60% of Forbes 500 companies, as well as many other big firms and millions of others are incorporated in Delaware; therefore, the state has a reputation for running a business or making investments.

Administrative Structure

Unlike an LLC, there is a threefold power structure in a corporation; therefore, both the responsibilities and the liabilities of the people involved in the business are distributed, at least in administration.

At the top of the structure are the shareholders of the company who owns the business. These people do not interfere with the daily routine of the company; however, they are the ones responsible for the critical decisions taken. Each shareholder has a single vote for a single share; which means, the major shareholders who own the majority of the shares give the critical decisions.

In the second layer are the members of the board of directors. These people burden the whole responsibility in the daily administration of the company. Through the board meetings, they take decisions for essential subjects; such as the number and price of the stock that will be issued, hiring people, setting the salaries for the employees and general company policies, and so forth. Financially, the essential duty of the board of directors is to decide whether the company will distribute dividends; and if so, how will it be. This also affects the taxation status of the company.

The shareholders can fire the board of directors with or without reason; therefore, the shareholders are always the primary decision-makers in a corporation.

And the last layer is employees and the workers of a corporation who work in the company for a salary. They are hired and fired (if necessary) by the members of the board of directors.


Since several shareholders own a corporation, it can be run forever despite if the shareholders die or decide to leave the corporation.

How to Incorporate?

Each business entity in the State of Delaware is incorporated similarly at its initial stage.

Forming a corporation in the State of Delaware is almost as easy as starting an account on social media. Sure, you do have to go through some procedures; but it is quite simple to do.

The first step is to choose a company name that must be unique. Then, register the name at the Delaware Division of Corporations. You can see the related document to handle this procedure here. Also, you can check if the name you have chosen is unique and available and reserve it until you form your business here.

A corporation must have a Registered Agent that will be registered to the Delaware Division of Corporations. The Registered Agent is responsible for representing the company in general. You can select us as your Registered Agent.

Similar to an LLC, you need to write a Certificate of Incorporation which will set the rules and procedures regarding the administration of the company. At the formation process, you will be required to name the officers and directors of the corporation when the annual report is due, even though you are not required to call them on the Certificate of Incorporation.

You can contact us to handle all these procedures.  We can help you with the preparation of a Certificate of Incorporation for the best interest of you and your business. You can also ask for an expedited process at an extra charge to finalize your incorporation, as in little time as one day.

You can choose one of our services to start your business in the US, and you can always contact us for further information or questions.

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