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What is Foreign Qualification?

Foreign corporation paperwork

Foreign corporation paperwork

What is “Foreign Qualification”?

If you want to conduct your business in states other than Delaware, you should consider applying for “Foreign Qualification.”

If you wish to register your business in a state in which your business is considered to be “alien” (or which is different from the one you initially recorded to), you get your Certificate of Registration (or Certificate of Authority) at the end of the registering process. For example, by registering your Delaware-based business to California, you will be able to protect your business within the borders of Delaware General Corporate Law and legally conduct your business in California by the local legislation.

Additionally, in case a company owner wishes to open a bank account in the state his/her company is operating, the owner needs to get this certificate.

A lot of people have already established their businesses in Delaware thanks to its powerful corporate law system. To put it into numbers, half of the public companies and 64% of the companies in The Fortune 500 list were established in Delaware.

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