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Why You Should Choose Delaware to Incorporate?

why you choose delaware to incorporate

why you choose delaware to incorporate

Did you know that more than 60% of the Forbes 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware even if they may not do business in that particular state?

Many businesses that seek to expand globally or want to open to the U.S. market; as well as investors who try to see their capital growing under the umbrella of a reliable business prefer to do these in Delaware. Delaware is the most famous and accessible place for companies worldwide, and there are excellent reasons for it.

Law Structure

The corporate law structure of Delaware, which is accepted to be business-friendly is without a doubt the first reason to incorporate in Delaware. The state from the beginning, has developed its law structure based on the well-being and the fertility of world’s most attractive business centers. In its quest, Delaware has managed to attract millions of business within the U.S. and from other state ranging to six other continents.

The processes in the courts regarding any business-related activity and transactions go unexpectedly smooth unlike how it would be in any other state or country. This is mainly due to the experience that the courts owe to their daily routine of dealing with business-related cases. Also, the accumulation of knowledge that has derived from so many different instances of the sample and the presence of experts for any business-related activity makes Delaware a unique place for incorporation.


The confidentiality of personal information when incorporating your business in Delaware is another reason to choose it. Unlike many other states and countries, Delaware does not oblige its business owners to disclose their personal information; such as their names and addresses. In other words, when forming a company in Delaware, only the company name and the information of a Registered Agent to run your daily routine is enough information.

No Sub-Limit for Incorporation

Most states and countries demand specific amounts of investments or at least a statement for your potential capital in a bank when incorporating. Delaware does not have such restrictions. This means almost anybody can form a business in the State of Delaware.*

*The sub-limit for incorporation is around $1 million in most U.S. states.

No State Income Tax

If you have a business incorporated in Delaware, but you don’t do business there, means that you don’t have an income from the State of Delaware, so you don’t pay state income tax. Logically it sounds right; however, almost every state in the U.S. and the countries worldwide demand taxation at the state level only for the presence of your company in their territories.

No Restrictions for Stock Prices

Many corporations choose Delaware to raise capital for their business and keep growing. Many states in the United States apply certain restrictions for the stock prices issuable in the market; however, in Delaware, you are free to determine your stock prices.


Since Delaware has been very famous for its reliable business environment and especially its law structure, it is remarkably easy to raise capital in Delaware other than in any other country or U.S. state. Many investors from around the world find it safe to invest in a Delaware company.

Fast and Easy Processes

From incorporation to any other transaction, Delaware is very easy to manage even for individuals who don’t seek professional help. Almost any process can be handled online, and the directions are made clear by the state administration.

Nevertheless, it is always safer and faster to get some help; especially from someone who is experienced in incorporating a business in Delaware.

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