annual report in wyoming

Annual Report in Wyoming

The Annual Report is due on or before the anniversary date of filing (the first day of the formation month.) in Wyoming. The Annual Report needs to be file every year.

Below are the steps to pay Annual Report.


Go to

2. Click on “File or Print Your Annual Report Now”

3. Write your Filing ID, then click the “Next” button.
If you don’t have your filling ID, you can search with your company name with this link.

4. Review your mailing and Principal Address.

5. Calculate fees. (If you don’t have any assets write 0; otherwise, you have to list the total value of your assets, then proceed.

6. Review information for confirmation.

7. Sign and make your payment.
(After the payment, you will get your confirmation in seconds.)

Keep your report on your records.


Failure to file the Annual Report may result dissolve your company.

You can contact us for inquiring about your annual report payment


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