Doing Business in Maine with a Delaware Company

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If you are looking for a place to incorporate in the United States, Delaware is a perfect spot due to the strength of the state’s law structure. It has become a popular destination for many entrepreneurs. The state of Delaware gives the best liability protection to the members of the company. Customers from all over the world choose Delaware to create an LLC or Corporation, regardless of where they do business.

When you incorporate in Delaware, your LLC or Corporation will be considered a domestic company inside Delaware. It means that your company will be foreign to other states. Foreign qualification is the process of requesting permission in order to operate a business in a state that is not the home of your company.

As in many other states, Maine has an application process, a state fee, and at the same time needs a Certificate of Good Standing from Delaware in order to qualify in a foreign state. Clients work with their Delaware Registered Agents for the foreign qualification process. Agents prepare the required paperwork.

With a $99 / year Registered Agency fee, assists clients 7/24 for the foreign qualification process. You do not need to be a current client in Delaware to get help with foreign qualification. We prepare the documents, obtain the Certificate of Good Standing from Delaware, and send you them via e-mail.

As soon as you register in Maine, a Certificate of Authority will be received. Through this certificate, you will be able to do business in Maine with your Delaware company. Please note that to remain in Good Standing, you must pay the Delaware Franchise Taxes and Registered Agent fees in addition to the Maine compliance fees.

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