How to Operate in Maryland as a Delaware Business?

Maryland business environment

Maryland business environment

One of the most common questions we receive is whether a Delaware business can be operated in different states or not.

For example; can you buy a house in Florida with your Delaware company? Or can you operate in California as a Delaware business? The answer is simple. A Delaware business can work in any state within the U.S.

Many people who started an LLC or INC in Delaware do not conduct their business in Delaware. The reason why they choose Delaware to incorporate is that it has the most powerful corporate law system and people want to use the tax advantages in Delaware.

Even if you operate in states such as Maryland, Florida or Nevada; it is still quite beneficial to start your business in Delaware.

Just as in any other state, there is an application process and a state fee for Delaware companies in Maryland. This process is called “Foreign Qualification.”

If you want your Delaware business to operate in Maryland, it will be regarded as a foreign entity. Therefore, you need to obtain “Foreign Qualification” which is the process of getting a permit to operate in Maryland.

Maryland also requires a Certificate of Good Standing in addition to Foreign LLC Registration Form.

A registered agent must also be listed within the application form. Maryland delivers all legal documents to your registered agent. If you already have a physical address in Maryland, you can also be your registered agent.

You do not have to publish your application in the region your registered agent resides unless otherwise required by Maryland.

Foreign Qualification process takes eight weeks plus mailing time in Maryland. Many people choose the expedited service with an extra fee, which makes the process quicker.

After you have registered your LLC with Maryland as a foreign entity, the state will require annual reports. The deadline for this report is the 15th of April. There is also a fee of $300 to be sent to the state. The annual report is similar to the tax return, and a lot of clients get professional assistance about this.

If you work with us, we can prepare your application form, get a Certificate of Good Standing from Delaware for you, conduct your document process and payments right on time.

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