We can describe the trademark as a sign, design or expression. A trademark identifies products and a brand name. It is a way to compare certain goods or services with others. A trademark can be owned by an individual, business organizations or a legal entity.

Let’s assume that you have established a company and produced products or services that have a brand value under that company. Protecting these products and services is as important as producing.

Trademark registration protects the value of your work in every way such as the name of the company and the product, the logo of your brand, etc. When you apply for trademark registration, your brand can no longer be used, copied. In case of these, you have the right for suing. Briefly, what you do will remain a special and unique thing for you.

Steps to Register a Trademark

  1. Searching

When you create your own trademark, the first thing to do is to check that someone else does not have the same mark. Your application will probably not be approved if the name or logo of your brand is similar to another brand. We strongly recommend a trademark searching before applying.

Brand research is carried out free of charge for our customers who have registered their trademarks.

  1. Monitoring

It is very important to monitor the progress of your application status during every part of the registration process. This is difficult to sustain continuously; however, it is a necessary process for the protection of the brand. We monitor the safety of your brand for you and inform you of all applications that are similar to your brand.

  1. Trademark Statement of Use

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you will receive a response in 6 months of filing. For brands that are not currently produced but registered with the intent of use, a “trademark statement of use” should be made after the product is put into use. You must make this statement within 6 months following the notice of allowance sent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) after trademark registration.

It usually takes 12 months to complete the whole examination and issue the trademark registration. This is the case for applications with no problem. It may take longer in case of any issue such as incomplete document or misinformation etc.

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