apple office building

apple office building

Lots of developers are trying to sell their app ideas to Apple. We support this entrepreneurship and provide you with the necessary steps to become an authorized iOS app developer.

The first step Apple requires is to register for an annual fee of $99. After you register, you can submit your application.

First, your application will be checked and then it will inform you about what you need to do to get your company authorized as an app developer.

Some other things Apple requires are as follows:

A certified copy of your Articles and Certificate of Organization.
A business license. Business licenses depend on the state or the business type, so you need to make sure you hold the right permit.
A copy of your Operating Agreement (LLC) and By-Law
If you are applying as a business entity, Apple expects your DUNS number. If you are using as an individual, you do not need a DUNS number.
The last and probably the most important thing Apple requires is a physical address for your business.

Why Are So Many Startups Choose Delaware to Incorporate?

You can start a business in Delaware without publicly providing information about members, directors or officers. By doing that you can protect your confidentiality and distribute ownership rates and stock shares within a company to attract investors (to raise more capital).
Delaware has the most developed corporate law system. That helps you hold your personal life and business life in case of a legal lawsuit against your business.
We also need to state 65% of the companies listed in The Fortune 500 have incorporated in Delaware.

Your Delaware company is supposed to operate in Delaware. How can you demonstrate a physical address for a company incorporated in Delaware but then work in other states?

You need a Foreign Qualification certificate for this. This document states Delaware is your local state and you are a foreign entity in other countries.

We can also help you with collecting Foreign Qualification document as well as Certificate of Authorization. Therefore, we provide many solutions such as the physical address required to become an Authorized Apple App Developer.

Make sure you understand the requirements before you proceed. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

You can choose one of our services to start your business in the US, and you can always contact us for further information or questions.

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