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Form 1040NR

Form 1040NR For non-U.S. resident business owners and partners who in fact run a business in the U.S., taxation might raise as a major question. Since taxation is one of many indicators whether the investment in the U.S. is worthwhile, it is essential to understand how the U.S. taxation system approaches non-resident aliens. It is

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Business Compatibility and Sustainability in the U.S.

What is business compatibility? Business compatibility merely is the requirements you should essentially meet for the sustainability of your business. The first thing you should consider for the limited liability of your assets is the requirements you need to fulfill while starting your business. In addition to that, your business should be managed correctly and

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business type - series LLC

Series LLC

Delaware corporate law allows a fascinating business type: Series LLC. Each LLC within a Series LLC in Delaware is regarded as a legally independent and separate entity, which means each object is responsible for its debts, expenses, financial responsibilities and legal obligations. Each LLC may have its assets, members, activities, and purpose of business. However,

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