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Delaware LLCs/Inc Nominee Service For Non-Residents

Nominee Services

Do you as a business owner, want to keep your privacy in relation to the public, but also want to keep full control over your company?

Then, you should definitely consider nominee services. Using nominee services does not only mean absolute privacy, but also a legal comfort. Keeping your name off the public records aside, you can also avoid or slow costly legal situations such as lawsuits or garnishments.

For example, a creditor can search the assets on your name. By showing our nominee executive, creditors will not be easily able to link your company to you personally.

You can appoint nominee officers provided by our company to various positions:

Nominee Directors: They simply serve the position of director; however, they do not have an active position or role within your company. Their name is used for the notarization of corporate documents or signing contracts, for example. So, they legally serve as a director but do not actively manage the business. But how? Because the scope of authority is decided/restricted by the means of the power of attorney or other corporate authorization documents that are prepared with the client.
Nominee Shareholders: They are simple company “owners” and hold no business management right. Voting rights in the company can easily be transferred to the client.

Therefore, you can enjoy absolute privacy meanwhile full company control is ensured by the power of attorneys or other authorization documents. Nominee services are usually useful for owners of offshore companies. But, of course, any business owner in the U.S. can use nominee services.

Advantages of Nominee Services

1. You can keep your name off the public records while keeping the full control over corporate issues for your business.
2. You can avoid or slow legal issues such as garnishments or lawsuits. With the help of nominee services, it would be difficult to link your name to your business.
3. It will be helpful if you are running your company offshore and living in a country with an oppressive government that may have or wants to have the right to seize its citizen’s assets/funds.
4. It is always useful to have an officer with authority in your company in the US to solve some problems! For example, you may need an officer to visit your bank in the U.S. for banking problems.

Delaware Nominee Services

Delaware is really good at keeping your name off the public records. Your name is not listed in your certificate of formation, for example. However, you may need to use the advantages listed above.

If you need any type of nominee services, simply contact us! Then, we’ll provide an officer in charge of a monthly fee, and provide a power of attorney in which the limitations of the rights of our nominee will be stated. So, we ensure you’ll keep full control over your company.

If you have pre-sales questions, Call us + 1 302 310 21 76 (You can also text on WhatsApp!)