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Delaware Notary Service

Delaware Notary Service


You may have to notarize a document in order to make the signatures on it lawfully authorized by a state official. Different than many other countries, in the US, notarization does not mean that the notarized document is lawfully valid; however, it authorizes the signatures on it.

Just as the notaries in most countries are authorized officials that are appointed by the government, in the US it is the state governments who appoint notaries.

There are some particularities of the notary system in the US. First of all, as stated above, authorizing a notary is up to the state governments which means, there are different requirements and process in this quest. In 32 states, anyone who pays a certain fee and fills out a form can become a notary. The other 18 states apply some tests. However, it is safe to claim that it is relatively easy to become a notary in the US. This primarily due to the fact that the notaries have little legal authority in the US. Nevertheless, the extent of their legal power may vary from state to state. Basically, notaries in the US cannot give legal advice, nor can they prepare petitions or documents for any type of process. That means a person who needs to write a petition that should be notarized later, for a legal or official process in the US needs to know the structure of the petition. Without professional help, this may be rather tricky and cause trouble. In order not to face any difficulties with your legal and official transactions in the United States, you may want to get a professional help. For that, you can contact us.


Where can I find a notary in the US?

Since it is pretty easy to become a notary, they are found almost everywhere you may need them. Below is a short list of where you can find a notary in the US, in general. Please note that the list is not limited to the information here:

  • Banks
  • State/County offices
  • Some law firms/offices
  • UPS offices
  • FedEx offices

Also, some travel agencies, realtor offices, and insurance companies may have a full-time notary at their offices. You do not have to be a client to any of these businesses in order to get your documents notarized; however, none of them will provide you anything but an authorization.


Why should I get a document notarized?

Unlike many countries, there are not many obligatory processes that should be handled under the supervision of a notary or transactions that should be notarized in a period of time. Nevertheless, it is still important to get some document notarized in some cases. This is basically due to the fact that almost every process is double-checked and prone to questioning in the US.

Let’s say that you have just signed an important business agreement. Even though the signatures on the agreement document is binding, the authorization of the signatures on a paper can save you from fraud and ID theft. Therefore, it is smart to notarize any important document you have for future considerations.

Also, you may need to have notarization for some of your documents that were issued in another country, to use them in the US as legally valid documents. This may include a birth certificate, incorporation documents, agreements and official documents.


What do we offer?

If you have any document that needs to be authorized by a notary; or a document that should be prepared for notarization, you can contact us for professional help. We offer:

  • Notarization of documents
  • Preparation of documents
  • Writing petitions
  • Consultancy
  • Shipping the documents to anywhere in the world

Professional help always saves you time when it comes to legal and official processes. In the United States, any process has certain steps to follow; but, this may seem complicated for inexperienced people. To handle what you need faster, contact us.

You can simply fill out our ‘application form’ to start your business in the US, and you can you can contact us for further information and questions.

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