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Notarial Acts in the US

Notarial Acts in the US

Some acts may need to be notarized to be accepted officially. Notarization of an act basically proves that it is legal and individuals or parts have given their consent for this act. Additionally, those registered notaries are particularly authorized by the government/state for these kind of acts.

The number of authorized notaries per provinces in Turkey is decided in accordance with the population of the province they work for. In the US, on the other hand, notaries are appointed by the state authorities. In 32 states, filling out a form and paying a certain fee are the only necessary steps to become an authorized notary; however, there are stricter steps and tests in other 18 states. The reason why the system is more tolerant in the US is because notaries have relatively less legal authorization. For example, a notary cannot provide consultancy service, prepare a document or tell individuals how a document can be prepared or what kind of documents they need to prepare.

As we can state that the process to become an authorized notary in the US is pretty simple, it is quite likely to find notary in places where it is required. Here are some of the places you are likely to find an authorized notary:

  • Banks
  • City/Province administration buildings
  • Some law firms
  • UPS offices
  • FedEx offices

It is also possible to find a notary in places such as travel agencies, real estate agencies or insurance agencies. Though there is no obligation of being a customer of those agencies for notarial services, they are only approval officers. As we have already stated, they are not authorized to prepare documents or provide consultancy.

When Do You Usually Need a Notary Approval for a Document?

Notary approval for a document in the US is different from Turkey both legally and practically.

Notary approval is an obligation for almost all acts in Turkey; however, in the US there is no such obligation for many acts. Yet, approval of a document in a notary is practically important because the legal system is clear and all actions are monitored strictly.

For example when you sign a new agreement for your business. Even though signatures of parts make an agreement binding, validity of these signatures should also be verified as a legal protection against problems that may occur afterwards. In terms of law, notary approval protects you and your business against identity thefts and other frauds.

What About Our Service?

You can consult us when you need a notary approval or a notarized document. Our services are:

  • Providing notary approval for documents
  • Detecting appropriate documents for your actions
  • Preparation of documents to be notarized
  • Delivering the documents via mail

Notaries will not be able provide you with those services. Therefore, instead of taking action with lack of information, you should ask for a professional help to save time and get the protection you legally need.

You can simply fill out our ‘application form’ to start your business in US, and you can you can contact us for further information and questions.

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