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Operating a Delaware Business in Nevada

Operating a Delaware Business in Nevada

LLC owners, this means better protection for their assets and limited liability.

When business started in Delaware, it is regarded as a local entity in Delaware while it is considered to be a foreign entity in all other states. The process with which your company is authorized to operate in other countries is called “Foreign Qualification.”

If you want to register your Delaware company in Nevada, you need to fill the application form for Nevada and pay the state fees. By doing so, you register your Delaware company as a foreign entity authorized to operate in Nevada.

According to the laws in Nevada, you must hold a registered agent. Your registered agent is responsible for getting process services and legal documents on your behalf.

Members of the Delaware based business must sign the application. Their addresses must also be stated for public records.

After you register your company in Nevada, you must keep paying the annual compatibility fees in Delaware just like you pay them in Nevada. This situation is essential for the good standing of your business. These notifications usually sent to your registered agent, and your registered agent is expected to deliver them to you.

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