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Steps to Start a Business for Non-US Citizens

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Starting a Business in the US

Being a US-citizen or having a stay permit is not an obligation to start your business in the US. You can start your business no matter where you live. You can also start your business in any state you want. Most of our clients who have started a business in the US are not US-citizens or not even living there.

Additionally, we do not even charge our non-US citizen clients with extra payments. So, you have the same rights to start your business in the US with a US-citizen. This does not mean all the time that there are no processual differences.

Steps to Start a Business for Non-US Citizens

For instance, the process of starting an LLC or a corporation in Delaware is carried out together with the Delaware Division of Corporations.  Delaware is now an internal state for your business started in Delaware. Your company, on the other hand, is accepted as a foreign entity in other countries or jurisdiction areas since the headquarter of your company is regarded to be located in Delaware. There are 50 states and a few different jurisdiction areas in the US. As we have already discussed, starting a foreign business in the US covers almost the same process as that of a US citizen. Let’s take a look at the steps…

Choosing the title of your business

The first step you need to do is to choose a name for your business. This name will be registered to the Division of Corporations when you consider starting your business in the US. The name you have chosen for your business should be different from that of another business entity; it should not even be similar to another company. You can check the availability of the name you have chosen by using the search engine in your state’s Division of Corporations website. You can read our articles for the points to take into consideration while selecting the name of your business.

Holding a Registered Agent

A registered agent must receive necessary official documents and emails on behalf of your business. This is an official step obliged by the legislation of the states in the US. We can provide this service to verify the continuity and the functionality of your business for you.  Well, what does this functionality (or good standing) demanded by the state authorities mean?  Moreover, why do you need an agent?

By the state laws, a business in the US needs an open address, and an office opens within working hours. Regarding you are not a US-resident, this is physically impossible.  That is why you need to hold a registered agent. You need to choose your agent in the first place as you will be asked to present it for the following steps.

Preparing a Certificate of Establishment

The name of this certificate depends on the business type you will start. You need to prepare a ‘Certificate of Incorporations’ for corporations, and ‘Certificate of Organization’ for LLCs. Though they seem different by their names, both function as an internal regulation by providing information about positions and shares of the company executives as well as the function of your business. The certificate of LLCs is a little bit more flexible than that of corporations regarding content. You can deliver this certificate to the relevant state’s Division of Corporations by two ways; either via mail or fax. So, there is no online option for this documentation. We can complete your process if you deliver your documents to us online.

Getting an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

What is EIN Number?

You are not obliged to start your business in the state you live in, nor do you have to take action. Even the location of your company does not matter. It has been proved by statistics that Delaware is the most common and the most appropriate state for starting a business (either a small business or a big one).

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