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Delaware: Business-Friendly and Tax Heaven

When it comes to starting a business, Delaware has been one of the leading states for more than 100 years. Delaware hosts more than 1 million businesses. 63% of Fortune 500 companies also are in Delaware. Last year, people started more than 145 companies in Delaware, and 70% of these businesses are LLCs. One of […]

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Protect Your Yacht by Starting an LLC in Delaware

Recently, many people choose to start an LLC in Delaware to protect their assets and yachts. Yacht owners, usually, rent their boats in other countries, which means the owner and the ship are in different places. It is entirely reasonable to have questions in such situations. Luckily, you can get rid of personal financial liability […]

How to incorporate a LLC
Advantages of Delaware LLC

WHAT IS AN LLC? What are the advantages of Delaware LLC? Since the formation of the first ever Limited Liability Company in Delaware on October 1, 1993, the number of LLCs has risen over millions and today 2/3 of the companies in the State of Delaware are LLCs. Delaware is considered as the most popular […]