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Delaware certificate
Certificate of Good Standing

Also known as a “certificate of authorization or “certificate of existence”, indicates that your entity is fully qualified and authorized to do business within a particular state. It is a certificate issued by the state authorities (generally by a secretary of the state). We can help you obtain this certificate from the state jurisdiction. You […]

registered boat certificate
Yacht License and Boat Registration in Delaware

TO REGISTER A YACHT IN DELAWARE: We can help you with your yacht registration. We make an official application to the authorized unit for you. All we ask from you is to provide the necessary documents in full. HOW DO WE UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS OF DOCUMENTATION AND REGISTRATION OF YOUR YACHT IN DELAWARE ARE COMPLETED? […]

apostille services
Apostille Service

We provide apostille services for your corporate documents, US bank accounts or properties. We provide notarized apostille services from Delaware for your newly established business. We have a shipment service to International via UPS. You can get your documents within four working days after approved by the state. If you have not started your business via […]

signed notarial papers
Notarial Acts in the US

Some acts may need to be notarized to be accepted officially. Notarization of a deed proves that it is legal and individuals or parts have given their consent for this act. Additionally, those registered notaries are particularly authorized by the government/state for this kind of actions. The number of authorized notaries per provinces in Turkey […]

non profit logo
Non-Profit Corporation

There are two steps to take while starting a Non-Profit Corporation. First, the owner(s) or the organization that will begin this corporation will start a non-stock company. There are no shareholders except for the members of this company, and they usually expect no profit. There can be members with different status within this company. For […]

the seal of delaware
What is Company Seal?

Company Seal Requirements A company seal is your management board who approves a tool used to demonstrate essential documents from your company and agreed upon. Company name, year of the corporation and the state of which the corporation takes place is on your company seal. A company seal is merely the signature of your company. […]

How to incorporate a LLC
Advantages of Delaware LLC

WHAT IS AN LLC? What are the advantages of Delaware LLC? Since the formation of the first ever Limited Liability Company in Delaware on October 1, 1993, the number of LLCs has risen over millions and today 2/3 of the companies in the State of Delaware are LLCs. Delaware is considered as the most popular […]

business people connecting puzzles
General Corporations & Closed Corporations

General Corporations In most cases, if a corporation decides to go public or conduct private share sales, this corporation is regarded as a “General Corporation.” Accordingly, if this corporation chooses to raise capital money, global corporations are quite useful. There are three different management layers of global corporations: shareholders, directors, and officers. They all have […]